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Some of the images on this page were reproduced with permission from National Pool and Tile including watercolors and images with product names.

National Pool & Tile

Serving Your Plastering Needs

With their StoneScapes™, QuartzScapes®, Beadcrete®, Beadcrete® PreBlend, ColorScapes™, and PlasterScapes™, National Pool & Tile is a leader in pool plastering. They offer many styles with many colors that will get your pool looking the way you imagine it. With thir quality materials, your pool is guaranteed to last and serve your swimming needs for years to come. Make your pool an NPT pool today.


Formulated Surface Systems

Give your pool or spa the naturally beautiful look of a pebble-bottomed stream with StoneScapes™! An inviting selection of colors and textures gives you the opportunity to express your own unique style. StoneScapes™ combines artistry with durability, comfort and safety to create a perfect finish for new pools and spas or refinishing existing pools, BBQ Islands or other outdoor amenities.


Formulated Surface Systems

       A premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement and color tints, QuartzScapes® merges beauty and strength for an incomparable finish that will last. One of the world’s strongest minerals, our quartz crystals are bonded with a ceramic color coating for reliable beauty that will last for years.


The Smoother Alternative to Pebble

      Beadcrete® is an innovative formulated pool finish system which incorporates the highest quality aggregates, polymer modified cements and pigment technologies to create a truly exquisite pool finish. The inert glass bead aggregate is beautiful to look at and smooth to the touch. This one of a kind pool finish will simply take your breath away.

Beadcrete® PreBlend

Pre-Blended Pool Finish

      Beadcrete® Pre-Blended Pool Finish. Now available! – a Pre-Blended Pool Finish featuring the rare beauty of Beadcrete’s® patented glass bead finish. Offered in six exclusive colors, Beadcrete® Pre-Blended Pool Finish is the ultimate crowning touch for any pool or spa.

Formulated Surface Systems

      Reflect the colors of nature in your pool or spa with PlasterScapes™ tinted pool plaster. Achieve beautiful, consistent, lasting colors with high quality pigments for a unique, enduring finish.

California Quartz

Have fun in the sun as California Quartz extends the life of your pool’s finish.

      California Quartz enhances surface ability to resist deterioriation caused by use, cleaning, sunlight and chemical attack. It offers natural variations in eight magnificent colors to provide the maximum amount of comfort and pleasure.

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